To honor our commitment to you, Major Business Credit offers a partial refund of your monthly fees after your first twelve months of service, (or if you are a returning previous client, after your first twelve months of service following your reinstatement), if we cannot demonstrate progress with your case. After you have been a client (or reinstated client) for twelve months or more, and you feel unsure about the level of success that we've achieved on your behalf, you can request a evaluation of your case progress.

You will receive a  partial refund of your monthly fees if the following are true as a result of the evaluation:

  • We cannot demonstrate progress on your case, or, that we failed to provide agreed upon services as outlined in the Service Agreement.
  • You were a "participating" client, meaning you paid on-time each month, you have forwarded to us on a timely basis, all of the necessary documents which enables us to perform work on your case.
  • You have been on our service for a minimum of twelve months.
  • You provided a new copy of your credit report and scores within 30 days of beginning your case.
  • You provided a new copy of your credit report for analysis after twelve months of service, or at the time you choose to cancel and want us to determine if the warranty applies.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on Business Credit Building Services. 
  • NO REFUNDS on all Trade lines. Just replacements only.
  • NO REFUND on all Paid in Full Credit Sweep Clients.
  • NO REFUND on all Coaching Products.